Is the Quick pee (pee cone) reusable?

No. It’s a use and throw product and should be thrown into trash right after the use. You can throw it in trash, lock in a zip lock bag and dump later or bury it.

Is the menstrual cup apt for women of all ages?

Yes, the menstrual cup can be used by women of all ages. Although there is no age limit; it does however require that you are comfortable with your body and period.

How does intake of water affect menstruation?

Many girls & women drink less water when menstruating to avoid frequent trips to toilet but keeping yourself dehydrated during periods can lead to cramps and discomfort that can also take a toll on your health. During periods, you experience hormonal fluctuations and a bloated belly. As your estrogen and progesterone levels recede, your body retains more water. This may impact your digestive system and causes constipation, gas, and bloating.

Does using wipes in the intimate area cause irritation or infection?

Not all wipes but yes, few of the wipes of degraded quality can cause serious skin irritation or skin diseases. You should always go for a trustworthy brand or something recommended by your doctor to avoid infections in the intimate area.

How can I avoid skin rashes during menstruation?

Many a times, using sanitary napkins causes rashes in the intimate area and inner thighs. So, you can either opt for tampons or menstrual cup to avoid skin rashes.

How can I ensure safe urination?

Using pee cone and pee spray for sanitizing the toilet seat will ensure safe urination to a great extent.

Can Quick Pee be flushed?

No. It should only be dumped or buried.

Does Pee Spray contain alcohol?

Yes, it does contain some amount of alcohol but it is completely harmless since it acts as a natural deodorizer and an anti-bacterial agent. After spraying the entire toilet seat is clean and safe to use.

Are menstrual cups safe on the skin?

Of course it is. The menstrual cup is made from healthcare grade non-absorbent silicone it should not irritate the inside of your vagina, if cleaned and cared properly.

How long does the Pee spray take to sanitize the seat and how long does it last?

This sanitizer spray is a rubbed IPA formulation that starts sanitizing the area within 5 seconds of application. You must wait for five seconds for sanitization to start. It lasts long enough for you to have safe urination.