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We, at Lookmed Hygiene, believe that good personal hygiene is the first step to good health. While it is an important part of everyone’s daily life, personal hygiene isn’t just about having bouncy hair, clear skin and shiny, white teeth. For women, it’s also about taking care of the hygiene of their most intimate area – the vagina, especially while they’re urinating & menstruating.

So, in order to provide the best intimate hygiene to the working women segment, we have developed some highly useful and best women hygiene products to ensure safe menstruation & urination.


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Few of the biggest dilemmas that women face always surface around our urine cycles. Often times, we , the women are exposed to situations where in we’ve got to make a choice between holding up our urine and going red in the face or using the unhygienic public toilets. Not to be surprised but, in such a situation most women resort to the former for the latter comes with its whole lot of disadvantages, UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) being the primary.

The reason is simple. We don’t want to sit on the soiled, un-sanitized, also infected, toilet seats and carry away infections. Sometimes, even the tissues are missing, so you can’t even think about cleaning the seat and then using the loo. Unhygienic conditions in public restrooms of schools, offices, malls or restaurants can pose a threat of toilet borne diseases that are very harmful. Even if the washroom is constantly cleaned it isn’t germ-free. They harbor germs that could lead to Urinary Tract Infections (UTI), Gastroenteritis, Staph and Herpes.

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Pee spray has come to me as a blessing. I am one person who is prone to catching infections very quickly. But, ever since I’ve started carrying Pee Spray in my bag, the frequency of infections has reduced a great deal.

Pooja SaxenaMarketing Manager

My post pregnancy period was so difficult as I experienced an uneven amount of bleeding and maintaining hygiene during those days was tough. But, thanks to the Dory cup, I am now at ease. Dory Cup works well long hours and rescues from the task of changing pads every few hours and also helps me save money being reusable in nature.

Reema WatwaniHousewife

I guess in today’s life when girls and women are always on the go, Look Med Hygiene is doing a great job by providing intimate hygiene and sanitation products that are easy to carry along with. It helps them escape the dilemma of either holding back pee while they’re out of their homes and need to respond to nature’s call without worrying about Urinary Tract Infections.

Zainab NishatHR

To look at a product as not merely a personal hygiene product but as a tool to cut down morbidity rate is what excites me. Look Med Hygiene’s women sanitation & hygiene products can help India and Indian women tackle the rate of UTI caused by using dirty toilets.

Ina WaheebJournalist

I was highly impressed with the timely delivery and quality of LookMed Hygiene Pee Spray. Last week, I had gone to Himachal on a trekking trip with my friends and I was worried about the toilet hygiene. But, thankfully I received my Look Med Hygiene Pee Spray two days before leaving for the trek and it was everything that I needed.

Monika GuptaTravel enthusiast